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These lovely crescent-shaped full leather girths are designed for the horse with a more forward girth groove. The curved design of the girth allows freer forward movement. The cut-away elbows on each side provide better clearance and freedom, reducing the risk of chafing and rubbing for those big actioned horses who need it.


The Crescent-shaped Relief girth is handmade in durable full leather and is beautifully soft on the underside, the area that contacts your horse, to help provide better placement and even pressure distribution and relief.


Dressage/Mono-Flap lengths only. Black only.


These girths are NOT elasticised at the buckles.


Stainless steel roller buckles.


What is the ideal girth length? For dressage/mono-flap girths we recommend the girth be 4-6 inches from the bottom of the saddle flap. This will keep the buckles above the elbow, allow for greater pressure distribution, and prevent the edge of the girth from resting on the horse's pectoral muscles.

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