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The herbal hormone balancer

Formulated to help with excess adrenal response and hormonal issues in both mares and stallions. Vitex agnes is mildly sedating and may be used at shows for separation anxiety and nervous behaviour.


"A concentrated extract of agnes  (Chaste Berry) which may help act on the endocrine system in particular the luteinising hormone. It is a relaxant herb that regulates hormonal functions and promotes lactation. Used in conjunction with St John’s Wort may reduce marish behaviour.

Suitable for use on stallions and geldings exhibiting stallion-like behaviour. Many people have found this a good tide-over product for competition by giving it in conjunction with Seda Horse the night before a show and then giving 5ml of Hormone Balancer on the day of the show".



Active Ingredients:

Flavonoids, alkaloids, diterpenoids vitexin, casticin extracted from Vitex agnes berries in inactive hydro-glycethanol



Vitex agnes should not be given to pregnant animals. It should not be used in conjunction with veterinary medicines without consulting with your vet!


Dose: 2-5ml daily over spring, and summer


14hh to 16hh horses between 4ml to 8 ml daily


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Be aware of prohibited substances when competing... check the Prohibited substances database via the link below:

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