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20KG - A super palatable, multi pea blend created to maximise a natural, essential, high protein source for horses.
Peas are an excellent/understated protein source for horses, with a considerably higher Lysine content (an essential amino acid). Peas are not commonly used in horse feed in New Zealand, but they are used extensively in Europe.
Why you should feed “ROIDS”
Did you know horses cannot produce the adequate amount of amino acids themselves? Of the 22 different amino acids, your horse’s body is only able to produce 12. The remaining ten are considered essential, Therefore, they must be added in the diet. This is where ROIDS comes in with its high natural Protein content. Lysine is the essential amino acid most often deficient in the diets of horses. Lysine supplementation for horses has the following benefits:
Improves protein and amino acid availability
Balances a lysine deficiency stemming from the grass and hay eaten and the general diet
Is essential for building, maintaining and supporting the development of horse Topline and muscle mass,
Aids collagen formation and the body’s ability to repair and maintain horse tissue
Supports horses lacking stamina
Supports excellent hoof growth and coat quality
Boosts the immune system
Supports a healthy nervous system and promotes overall horse health
Supports the correct growth of young horses
Supports the correct development of the equine foetus
Inadequate intake of protein or required amino acids by horses may lead to, body tissue loss, poor coat, poor hoof growth, decreased growth and development of young horses. Using L-Lysine at times of stress is key to calcium absorption, creating and maintaining a resilient immune system and supporting the body’s production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies. Supplementing the immune system with L lysine can be very beneficial to optimal health and performance of your horse.
Who ROIDS is best suited for
Underweight horses & Ponies
Young growing horses
Anxious horses
Off the track thoroughbreds/Standardbreds
Lactating mares
Cushing Disease
Horse with poor hooves
Horses with poor coats
Box rest horses
Endurance Horses
Show Horses
High performance horses
Horses with Ulcers
Horses & Ponies with Laminitis
Grain free horses
Fussy eaters
Grass reactive horses
Feeding recommendations
Protein requirements vary based on size, activity level, age, horse growth and development needs. On average, a (500kg) matured horse at maintenance, will require a minimum of 630 grams of crude protein per day. As exercise increases, values can increase to 1000 grams/day. Growing/developing horses require more, pregnancy and lactation can double.

***EQUESTORIUM is proud to be the supplier of both Topline & ROIDS for the Mid-Canterbury area.

***Contact us for further information on delivery and pricing for the Mid-Canterbury area.

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