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25KG - TOPLINE is a highly palatable supplementary feed source for
Fussy eaters
Underweight horses
Growth and development
Growing or maturing horses needing assistance with conditioning and muscle growth
Rolled Barley, Peas and Molasses
TOPLINE offers more bang for your buck, high in carbohydrates and protein without the heating. With a base of Barley and the addition of Peas, all locally grown and sourced right here in New Zealand.
Barley, a highly popular feed source for horses, providing digestible energy along with 3350 to 3600 calories per kilogram, Peas with a considerably higher lysine content offer a fantastic source of amino acid, making them a useful protein source, optimising muscle tone with good levels of fermentable fibre which support fibrolytic hindgut bacteria
TOPLINE, comes in a rolled form making it suitable and palatable to feed directly to horses without the need to soak or boil.
This is not a complete feed and needs to be fed with a fibre content. If pasture is limited, fibre must be added to horses diet each day, supplementary fibre can be added in forms of chaff or hay.
Feeding recommendation
Recommended feeding rate for TOPLINE based on a 500kg horse as a guideline only is 0.5kg - 3kg per day. Feed no more than 1.5kg per feed.
Ensure adequate fibre intake is provided 1% - 1 .5% per day of the horse's body weight in forms of chaff, hay, or chaffage (on a Dry Matter basis)

***EQUESTORIUM is proud to be the supplier of both Topline & ROIDS for the Mid-Canterbury area.

***Contact us for further information on delivery and pricing for the Mid-Canterbury area.

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