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We have formulated a general, cost effective winter tonic. This tonic combines the health-giving attributes of naturally fermented cider vinegar with garlic, echinacae, gingko, and plant-based vitamin C to improve the horse’s ability to fight infection and maintain optimum health through winter. The benefits of cider vinegar and added herbs are:

  1. Enhances skin and coat health.
  2. Helps prevent muscle fatigue after exercise.
  3. Cider vinegar combined with gingko increases stamina and circulation of blood.
  4. Pectins in apples provide a protective coating over the lining of the colon.
  5. Cider vinegar improves digestion and feed conversion.
  6. It helps dissolve uric acid and calcium deposits that form around joints helping improve mobility.
  7. Carbolic acid improves      urinary tract health
  8. May help with insulin resistance.
  9. Will help address body pH.

  • Dose 20ml to 35ml daily. Will not test positive.
  • 1 litre $30.00        

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